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The Four Clans


Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 The Forbidden Forest Pack

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PostSubject: The Forbidden Forest Pack   Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:01 pm



Plot Based RP!
"We lost our land....Our wealth....Our Pride....How can we Survive?"

Welcome to the Forbidden Forest Pack. The Monarchs, Calla and Fenris, shake you warmly by the paw.In this pack we accept all or nothing.We are an active pack with a trove full of things for you to explore.We host, contests, polls, RP events, Wolf Quest game sessions, and much more!We reside in the Forbidden Forest. Continue to read if this has caught your wolfs eye.

ϟWhy should I join this pack?ϟ
This pack may not be your average pack of wolves who live in Yellowstone, Alaska, or in the wildernesses of Canada, but we do have the lifestyles and and conditions of the wolf.We role play the actions, characteristics, and life of our wolves.In The Forbidden Forest Pack, obey the laws of a nonfictional wolf pack even though this pack sounds fictional.Every member here is respectful and treats others kindly.The Dominant's are warming and we encourage anyone to join.
The Plot

The pack thrived and lived.We were a pack.Calla and Fenris led them well.Food was plentiful the land fit.Everyone obeyed the rules, and everyone was content with each new day of life.One day, The Dominant's led a patrol of the territory.While on the outskirts, scent marking the boundaries to prevent any intruders, something happened that changed the packs way of life no wolf could ever have dreamed of.
____, a rogue wolf from lands unknown, intruded onto the territory, caching the entire pack off guard.The pack fought but they knew death wasn't needed here.It would be wise to retreat and so, with numbers far greater than their own, ____ drove the pack from their land taking theirs for his own.
Filled with defeat and loss of Pride, Calla and Fenris lead the pack far away from home.They crossed mountains, trudged through harsh deserts and swamps unknown names, and came beyond a land that was far from any Wolfs Paradise.
A Canyon, dry and cracked, was their new home to be.With limited resources these wolves struggled to survive, hanging on the edge of a knife.Food is scarce now.Illness threatens them and so do other wolves, rivals, sent by Demon himself watch over the pack in shadows.
The pack knows they cannot stay here forever.Somehow, they must find a way to return to their lands, their home, and drive Demon and his pack out for good.Question is:Can they survive that long?

(Our enemies name remains hidden until the day we collide in RP!)

Founder: Calla (Wolvesworld)
Co-founder: Fenris (DarkenShadows)
Packs purpose of existence: To win back the territory once taken away from us on the frightful day...
WEBSITE: http://forbiddenforest.forumotion.com/
THREAD: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=70311

Members: 38
Males: 14
Females: 24
ϟLaws of the packϟ

1.No language of any sort is allowed in the pack.
2.All members must post at least two times on thread here and make at least one post in RP.We make exceptions for those who can't post here for obvious reasons!
3.You are expected to act maturely.We do not babysit!
4.No harassment will be tolerated.
5.Do not SPAM the thread(Double posting).
6.You must respect the Dominant's and all members of the pack.
7.If you are absent for more than fives days or you know you will be, please request an EFA here--> http://forbiddenforest.forumotion.com/f13-denounced-reporting
8.All Wolfquest rules apply to this thread
9.You will have the limit of a 30 days(A month) to register after joining, otherwise we will remove you from the pack.
10.You must be active.
11.Have at least 1 WQ post to join.
12.You may pm your form to me(wolvesworld) or Fenris(DarkenShaows) if you are unable to post on wolfquest for whatever reason.If you can post, I recommend doing do.
13.You may contact the Dominant's if you have any questions about the pack.
14.After joining and you have registered on the site and your account has been activated, please read the Information forum there before you post!

CopyRighted © The Forbidden Forest Pack
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The Forbidden Forest Pack
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