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The Four Clans


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 Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP

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PostSubject: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:56 am

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to The Black Mansion!


The Black Mansion is home to all mythical creatures, whether they are Light or Dark. Your Host is the Lady Arane, head of the Vampire Clan. You may come and live a life here if you so chose, although things are not as peaceful as they seem...


Decades before Arane took heir to the Vampire Clan, the world was a different place. Rather than live in peace, Lord Kell brought war to the three main species of Mythical Creatures who dominated the world at the time: Vampires, Werewolves and Lycans. Kell thought that violence was better than peace. He believed that the races couldn't mix like that of the lycan's created from Werewolves and Vampires breeding together. To resolve this problem, Kell commanding his mass of Vampires against the Werewolves and Lycan and this resulted in a bloody war that resolved heavy casualties on both sides. The races turned on each other, and within ten years, no one had the armies or strength left to fight. Kell, exhausted, fathered a family and forgot about his desire to destroy the world. His son, Arch became head of the clan after his father died of a fatal disease and within Arch's rein, he kept the world at peace. He married the lady Alma and produced the child Arane who was to be the next heir to the throne. However, during the time of which Arane had taken the throne, a secretive group known as The Tryphs, were plotting something against the line of Vampires, and peace wasn't staying for long. The Leader of the Tryphs, Aros, was spying on Arane and her mother for her father had passed from an attack by the Tryph and now she must fight for peace once more, just as her ancestors before her.


✞The Vampires✞
The Vampires exist together in a single group called a Clan. In the the clan there are ranks: The Arrow(AKA Head), the Adviser, the guards, and the peasants. You may find that neither rank has an easy task. They feed on the blood of both human and animal alike.

The Arrow - The Head is also know as the leader of the Clan. She controls all of what happens throughout the clan. She should be consulted if there has been a breach of the mansion, or problem between the clan members themselves.

The Adviser - The Adviser is someone who assist with political matters and organizing battle plans of the clan. He/she also give advise on strategy and decision making of the clans next move.

The Guardsmen - These Vampires patrol, defend, and ensure order about the Clan. They also control the whereabouts of the other species; what is out of bounds, rules of the mansion, etc. In this rank, consists of one Head Guardsman known as the Master Fighter. The Arrow and Master Fighter are close and the Master follows the Arrow constantly for he is the protector of his leader.

The Peasants - Peasants are consistent of servants and simply other vampires who carry no important rank. You could consider them as simply citizens of the Vampire race, defenseless some but they live their lives as they see fit.

☽The Werewolves☾
Werewolves are a group called a Pack. They change from man to a complete wolf on all fours. Their ranks include the following: Alpha, Beta, delta, and the omegas. These ranks are also challenging. They prey on normal prey of animals.

The Alpha - The Alpha is the leader of the pack. He is Dominant over all other wolves below him. He is responsible for his pack doings and the welfare of his family. He is strong, and always alert to happening throughout his pack.

The Beta - The Beta is the Alphas second in command. In the Alphas absence, the beta is in charge. The Beta enforces the rules of the pack and accompanies the alpha in battle and meetings.

The Delta - The Delta is the third in command. He takes over when the Beta and Alpha aren't available. He is responsible for arranging war patterns and keeping patrols out to watch the enemy and report to his superiors when trouble arises.

The Omegas - The omegas are the lowest ranking wolves who submissive to those above them. They are warrior, healers, nurses, caretakers etc. They are a vital part of the pack system.

☯️The Lycans☯️
These creatures are half human, half wolf. They are unlike Vampires or Werewolves. Instead of changing freely like that of a werewolf, it on;t changes on that of a full moon. Unlike vampires who look more human, the Lycans are monstrous creatures who have claws of a bear, fur of a wolf, and eat just about anything. They have no ranking system. All are treated the same although many different Leaders arise from them but none lasts for so long.
(Ranks may be added if the Lycan leader chooses to do so)


The Council
The Council includes simply the Leaders of each race and two of each race whom are the most loyal of their species and/or the most loyal. They participate in meeting of which the Arrow appoints. The Council members make full on decisions that dealt with the three species altogether instead of a single race.

The other Species

These species are other whom roam the world outside the Black Mansion territory. Creatures such as Unicorns, centaurs, Faeries, Minotaurs, elves, etc are included.(Any other creatures are accepted!)

Marriages must be consulted with the Arrow and the leader of your Race. The ceremonies will take place in front of the Mansion itself. Once married, the lovers will be listed here.(Displayed as follows: Husband + Wife)


Inside the Black Mansion

The Mansion - The Black Mansion stands in a clearing in a dark wood where most would stumble across it without even noticing it. It's stone structure is smoked black as if burned, the pillars of it's porch are coiled in vines. Tall oak double doors block entry to the interior of the structure. The Mansion is two stories and consists of some number of guests rooms, an Infirmary, a Ball room, four bathrooms on each of the four wings. It has a massive dinning hall, capable of seating nearly hundreds of people. A nursery for young to be cared for. It is home to mainly the Vampire race and housed to the Arrow herself. It is natural dark in the mansion, only lit by torches along every wall you see for the Vampires seemingly like it this way.
` Main Hall - A long and narrow Hallway of which you enter from the front door and from the door on the end of the hall. A violet carpet lead your path over black marble flooring. On the walls, you may find the portraits of the Vampire ancestors who once walked the hall in their times of ruling.
The Library - The Library is a vast place full of knowledge and wisdom. On every wall books are place neatly on shelves from floor to ceiling. Dark oak tables with high backed chairs. Torches line the four corners and candle stands light the tables. High windows let in a fair amount of light and a fireplace the shape of a den burns every night at the head of the room.
The Kitchen - It is unclear where the kitchen is held. It seems that only the Arrow would know where the entrance was and the servants as well. It is said that it is kept to keep others from stealing.
` Infirmary - The Infirmary is where the wounded are housed. Simple bedding covered in linen line both walls. Here it is lit also by torchlight. Servant and maids tended to the wounded. The flooring was a pale blue with dark curtains over the windows, sometimes pulled back for those who need it.
` Council Room - The Council Room is located in a chamber towards the back of the Mansion. It is between the kitchen and a large library. Inside this room is a round table made of solid, grey stone and high backed chairs for each of the three leader of each species and their two most loyal subjects(The seconds in command. For the Lycans it be the one most loyal to him).
` The Ball Room - The Ball room is where the dances are held on special occasions. It is floored with white marble and thick black curtains are either blocking the windows or pulled aside to reveal a beautiful star lit sky. Musicians play music on a stage at the front of the room. Tables of gourmet foods lined the walls.
` Dinning room - The Dinning room was where all sat to enjoy their meals throughout the day. Every species came and went from the dinning hall as they pleased. They ate at a strong dark wood oak table the length of the room and housed at least a hundred or more occupants. The Arrow always sat at the head of the table. The hall is lit with torches lit by a mysterious blue flame. A stoned fireplace burns behind the Arrows chair.
` Nursery - A place where the young of the three main species were kept. It was organized so that the Vampire children were cared for at the back where less light would invade and burn them to death. The werewolves on the left side and Lycans on the right. Rarely, were other species kept here for the Arrow only permitted visitors of other races out side her territory to be a guest in her home for certain reasons.

Roaming the Territory

` Deadly Gardens - In the back of the mansion expands an enormous amount of a flourishing paradise. Flowers bushes and trees are scattered about in all sorts of different varieties. A maze stands on the far left corner where lovers escape for an evening stroll. You may find occasional gardeners tending here to the flower beds. A great fountain stands in the middle of it all. A solid statue of a Vampire woman looking up towards the sky is said to have been the cousin of the Arrow once. Cobblestone paths guide you carefully through the forest of flowers and plants.
` Pastures - The Pastures are located south and north of the Black Mansion. They are called South and North Meadows. The South Meadow is only used during the Spring and Summer Seasons. The North Meadow is used during the Fall and Winter seasons. The Arrow will be sure to announce when the Meadows are open during the appropriate times.
` Red Wood Forest - Red Wood Forest is what occupies most of the Black Mansions territory. It covers about fifteen acres of it. It is where hunting is done. Only during the Fall and Spring does the Arrow send out the hunters to fetch food to last until the next hunt.
` Arena - The Arena is located north east of the Black Mansion in a crater said to have been created by a falling star decades earlier. Occasionally, warriors would practice their fighting skills of the three races. Challenges would be held here as well. The crowds would be standing upon the craters edge as they watched the fierce battles. The Arrows and the council would be seated in high backed chairs of which were shaded by a single Umbrella tree.
` Stables - The Stables is a strong wood structure built to house many animals such as horses, cows, goats, chickens,etc. Other Species may house their pets here when permitted my the Arrow. There would be stable hands and occasional Guardsmen and such tending to their horses.
` The East boundary - The East Boundary is along a forest line of trees that are part of the Red Wood Forest. Guardsmen would be posted here night and day to keep watch for any intruders.
` The West Boundary - The West Boundary also has a forest line. But unlike the East boundary, it slopes upward along a hillside. This boundary is more easily guarded because enemies are so easily spotted from the higher elevation.
` The South Boundary - The South boundary is along an expanse of open tall grasslands. It is part of the Pastures but not enough to spook danger. It is here that the lasso of a lake separates the boundary from the territory.The lake is know as Bird Lake for it's large populations of birds throughout the year.
` The North Boundary - The North Boundary is located at the base of a mountain. The weather is always cooler in this area and harsher as well. Guardsmen would need to be well prepared for battling such weathers. The land in this area is rocky and jagged and known to be called the Grey Spot of the territory for it's lack of plant life.

The Outskirts and Beyond the Territory

NOTE(You may PM an RP place to suit your character and I will add it to this post. Making up scenes in the RP is prohibited!)
` Small Human Village - The Human Village exists on the outskirts of the territory. It is both dangerous and also useful to the Mythical Creatures of the world. The Human provide certain things for trade but they are not so kindly some are. The Arrow advises caution when venturing here for she does not post guards in this area, tending to keep peace between the races. The Humans live in small huts and care for their own animals and young. The Arrow sometimes bides in persuading the Human leader to aid her in her cause.

(Where races may RP. This includes conditions!)

The Three Species
may only RP within the Black Mansion territory and the Human village. Only by permission from the Arrow or one of the other leaders may you leave the territory to explore the lands beyond, including RP events of which the Arrow will then accompany you to accomplish deadly assignments. Note that The Three Species MUST partener with one other person in order to venture to the humans village but no more for the Arrow wishes to keep the peace between the four races.

The Humans may ONLY RP within the human village. Only if there should be an incident where your character requires the aid of the Three Species, or an RP event has occured, may the humans RP in the Mansion territory.

The other characters may only RP in the other lands or within the Human Village. Entering the Mansion Territory is prohibited! Only if you have made an alliance with the Arrow may you RP in the Mansion territory but then you may never leave it!


Created - March 17, 2013
Founder - Calla
Location - Black Mansion
Current Season - Spring
Today's Weather - Sunny
Hour of day - Evening

RP Event - The Arrow is to meet the Lycan and Werewolf leaders at the Eastern and Western borders and accept them to live in her lands peacefully. Then she will advise them to a meeting in Counsil room to discuss terms and conditions with them.

Males - 1
Females - 2
Total Count - 3

South Pasture - OPEN
North Pasture - CLOSED

Currently Accepting
(The positions displayed here will be removed when the position is filled or other positions need to be displayed but it is like a turn in ranks so those that are not taken but have been removed from the listed will be displayed again.)

~ Lycan Alpha

~ Werewolf Omegas

~ Werewolf Beta

~ Vampire Adviser

(Newest forms will be displayed on top and oldest on the bottom. The Character names will be below the forms and who is playing them.Check often!)

Quote :
TFC Username: Lunalight
Characters name: Natalie
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Race(Human, Werewolf, Lycan, other): Werewolf
Species(If he/she has one): none
Physical characteristics(Be specific and detailed): Natalie is one of the most beautiful girls ever seen. She has curly blonde hair which goes down to her shoulders, light brown to yellow eyes, almost pale tan and light pink lips. She is thin, not really tall - around metre and sixty-eight. When she is in her human form she enjoys wearing dresses to her knees or fairy shirts which make her feel free. Transformed, Natalie is a medium sized she wolf. She has snow white fur, long legs, which makes her faster than the others, really sharp teeth which often helps her in dangeruous situations. (appearance)
Personality: Natalie is really stubborn and mischievous girl. She hates when someone tries to charge her. She is carefree and relaxed. She is really smart but she often make herself look like absent minded. She is lovable and caring. She enjoys being around her friends and of course around the Alpha. She never thrust the others before she get to know them. Natalie often doesn't take fights too serious because she always get away thanks to her beauty.
Abilities(If your human, put none): She is the fastest wolf in the clan.
Weapons: Her weapons are two daggers with a long chain. When she is in her wolf form she carry them as a necklace.
Rank wanted: Omega (if it's not a problem, if it is then Delta)
History if he/she has one: Sinse she was just a kid her father always charged her and made every efford to make her the perfect wolf ever. She was his princess and his dream was to make her an Alpha one day. When she was 10 he died and her mother completely refused to continue her training. Since then she is on her own.
Are you ready for an adventure?: Oh YES I am!
Anything else about your character?: Natalie can be really serious at times and take some things to heart.
RP place for your character(Other characters ONLY):

Quote :
TFC Username: Falconwing
Characters name: Lee
Gender: Male
Age: looks around 19 or 20, but truthfully no one is sure.
Race(Human, Werewolf, Lycan, other): Werewolf
Species(If he/she has one): N/A
Physical characteristics(Be specific and detailed): Lee is very simple to explain, physically yet very handsome. He has golden tanned skin, that is quite smooth for a male. His jet black hair is soft and short, a buzzcut as some would call it yet fuller to be exact and his dark grey eyes can be compared to the darkest of stormclouds. He is tall and well muscled, reaching nearly 6'5 feet tall, and often wears shirts that emphasize the look of his size. He has strangely long legs and is quite thin but the musculature he has gained over the years disallows this view of him. Once transformed, Lee is a handsome male wolf, huge and dark. His fur ranges at times, from light grey to a dark black upon his sleek back. His paws are huge, huger than anything ever before seen. He always looks to be in his prime. His eyes are captivating and stunning.
Personality: Lee is cunning and tricky. He has had his evil moments but has never gone far. He thinks things through and is a great strategist. He is very smart and knows when to put a stop to things as he will not risk anyone. He can be kind and sweet to those close but to those whom he despises he is cold and mean always glaring and making sure they feel bad. He trusts no one, but is quite trustworthy himself.
Abilities(If your human, put none): Lee has the ability to hear thoughts, but for him to do this causes him great confusion and he usually will seem sick or faint suddenly. He also has great strength and speed.
Weapons: He only carries a large beautifully crafted sword. He carries it around his chest as wolf or human. It is studded with the dust of rubies upon the hilt and the blade is double bladed giving him great advantage. It seems golden and yet silvery in color.
Rank wanted: Alpha
History if he/she has one: Lee was raised by his parents they weren't the best influence so the young man had to teach himself. His ways may seem like a total brute or strange but he knows what he is doing from his own mistakes and experience.
Are you ready for an adventure?: Hmm... no... YES!
Anything else about your character?: Lee is weak to crying... why... who knows.
RP place for your character(Other characters ONLY):

Quote :
TFC Username: Calla
Characters name: Arane
Gender: Female
Age: She looks 18 but is two hundred years old
Race(Human, Werewolf, Lycan, other): Vampire
Species(If he/she has one): Direct descendent of Vampires(Pure Vampire)
Physical characteristics(Be specific and detailed): Arane has a very sleek body with a figure. Her skin is snow white pale. Her lips are a blood red and her eyes a darker red but tend to change colors depending on her mood and amount of light around her.. She has waist long black hair which is sometimes wavy or straight. She wears light robes of reds purples, and black while roaming her household. You may see her in a two piece suit with knee high black slender boots white she fights and hunts or is roaming the Mansion lands.
Personality: Arane is a very kind person. She is strong willed and focused on every duty she takes on. She is formidable and not so easily distracted. She is caring towards her people and kind enough to take in strangers if she wishes. She has a loving heart for dangerous animals. She is knowledgeable and wise. Someone to obey and look up to.
Abilities(If your human, put none): Arane has the ability to sense anything wrong. She has the ability to see into someones past and tell if their lying by touching them.
Weapons: She carried a bow, a large sword, a dagger and a staff all hand made from her own hands.
Rank wanted: She is the Arrow
History if he/she has one: It has been explained above
Are you ready for an adventure?: Yes
Anything else about your character?: Arane wishes for love.

(These rules will be displayed once I have spoken with the Leaders of the Werewolves and Lycan's since each race will be following their rule besides the Arrow's.)


1. No random fights
2. Challenges must be scheduled with the Arrow and the Leader of your Race.
3. No one may hunt unless permitted or timing is appropriate.
Do not enter the human village without another person with you.
5. The Lands beyond the territory are out of bounds.
6. Each person is responsible for his/her own actions and will accept the consequences of their actions without question.
7. When posting, please include the place you are in at the bottom of you post.
(Ex. So you would have your post and the name of the area you are in below it).

(Displayed as Gender + Character name + Rank + Race + Sub-rank if there is one)



How to Join
Joining is simple. All you need to do is fill out the form you will find below and PM it to me for acceptance into the RP. We REQUIRE that you PM your form ONLY.Just copy and paste the code to do so.You will recieve a reply PM in acceptance. Posting it on the thread is prohibited! We think that PMing the forms would result in a much more organized thread; in this case it means that I won't need to search for forms throughout the pages of the topic. It seems best this way so that the topic stays clean also. The new forms will be displayed above so that members may know who is who and what their character is.

Joining as one of the three Races
If you should wish to be a vampire, Werewolf or Lycan, it may be of any species of these races. You may be as creative as you wish but be sure to make a detailed description of him/her in your joining form.

Joining as a Human
Humans are human and so they do not have special powers. If you choose this rank you may give any characteristics to him/her except powers and special abilities. I will permit advanced fighting skills. Also your human may have some unrealistic physical features such as blue hair and sky blue eyes. Skin colors may vary.

Joining as another character of your choice
This is where you may expand your imagination to it's fullest. Be sure to give a detailed description on your character to be sure that others know what and who your character is. Powers and special abilities are allowed!

NOTE: The TFC username you join us with MUST be the ONLY username of which you post on this thread with. Other usernames other than the one joined with are not allowed to be posted with.

Joining Form

[b][color=#666666]TFC Username:
Characters name:
Race(Human, Werewolf, Lycan, other):
Species(If he/she has one):
Physical characteristics(Be specific and detailed):
Abilities(If your human, put none):
Rank wanted:
History if he/she has one:
Are you ready for an adventure?:
Anything else about your character?:
RP place for your character(Other characters ONLY):[/color][/b]

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions/concerns please PM me Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:50 am

Lee raised a brow an narrowed his eyes before nodding. He looked closely at the scroll and took note of where to sign. But first before making any action the man took the time to read through it. If there were to be one thing he didn't agree with he would discuss it. His breathing slowed slightly as he read and took in the information, comparing it to images to better remember it. in the end he nodded and looked at the bottom of the page where Arane had pointed. The alpha nodded and slowly took the feather pen. Slowly ever so slowly he wrote his name. It came out neatly, a calligraphic image. He nodded and passed it to her, "i agree, with your rules. I agree with the thought of an alliance, which is why I have signed."
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:05 pm

Arane sat patiently as she awaited the Wolf's signature. When he did so, she smiled and took the pen from him."Welcome to Black Mansion, Lee."She stood and handed the pen to one of the guardsmen behind her."You are now permitted to call upon your people to move here in to the territory. A few of my guardsmen will accompany you."She added as she rolled up the scroll and placed it within a protective cylinder which she had obtained from the other man behind her. She smiled at Lee and stood, smoothed her skirts and gracefully strode to the door.

-Council Room-
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:25 pm

Lee stood up slowly and nodded. Finally peace or at least for a while. He hid a smile, behind a serious face and nodded. His deep voice rumbled as he walked after her slightly. "Do not worry, this will work." He allowed a small smile before hiding it as he opened the door, preferring to open it himself to show courtesy to the Arrow. He opened it slowly and looked back, finally.
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:28 pm

(I'd like to join if it's okay with you, Calla Smile)

TFC Username: Tanya
Characters name: Kira
Gender: Female
Age: Appears around 18 or 19, but her age is unknown.
Race(Human, Werewolf, Lycan, other): Werewolf
Species(If he/she has one): N/A
Physical characteristics(Be specific and detailed): She has a long, sleek body with medium build. Her long muzzle is a dark gray, but her body is pitch black. In human form, she has long reddish brown hair, tall body, and long legs
Personality: Loyal, respectful, playful, caring, friendly, adventurous, responsible, and a little bit of a trickster
Abilities(If your human, put none): Has the ability to levitate objects from afar, but with this, it has to be completely quiet, and it involves a lot of concentration.
Weapons: A bow that she carries on her back, along with her arrows in a bag hanging on her back. Used to have a sword, but it got lost without a cause.
Rank wanted: Omega
History if he/she has one: none
Are you ready for an adventure?: Yes, I didn't come here for no reason, you know?
Anything else about your character?: She has a white sock on her right, front leg in wolf form.

(Sorry if it's too short, but I'm not very descriptive.)
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP   

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Mythical Creatures - The Black Mansion RP
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