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Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 Darkpaw training with Graystar

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PostSubject: Darkpaw training with Graystar   Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:52 pm

This is the topic for Darkpaw to train with Graystar. If anyone would like to (even wolves in other Clans), feel free to enter!

Roleplay Stats:
(Idea originally by Magmafeather)

Hunting Large Animals[0/60]
Successful: 12 points--Unsuccessful: 5 points

Hunting Medium Animals[0/60]
Successful: 8 points--Unsuccessful: 4 points

Hunting Small Animals[0/60]
Successful: 4 points--Unsuccessful: 2 points

Successful: 6 points--Unsuccessful: 3 points

Finding Prey[0/60]
Small: Successful, 4 points, unsuccesful, 2 points (if many prey is found at once, then you will recieve points for finding two prey)
Medium/Fish: Successful, 5 points, unsuccessful, 3 points
Large: Successful, 6 points, unsuccesful, 3 points

Finding Herbs[0/60]
Quickly found- 7 points, Not very fast- 4 points, Did not find any- 2 points

Scouting for Predators[0/60]
Found any: 8 points, unsuccessful: 2 points (finding a group of predators will earn the points for finding three, finding a prey-predator will give you half the points)

Offensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 6 points, unsuccessful: 4 points, more may be earned when fighting prey/predators

Defensive Fighting[0/60]
Successful move: 7 points, unsuccesful: 4 points

Problem Solving[0/60]
Solution found quickly: 10 points, Solution found: 8 points, Tried but no solution found: 4 points

Graystar padded into a clearing, her golden eyes looking around. This had been where she'd trained her previous apprentices; including her current one, and she planned on training Darkpaw here as well. The river once known as being RiverClan's meandered nearby, and slight sounds of water brushing against stone could be heard even from in here. Graystar waited paitently for Darkpaw to come, thinking of what they could train on.

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Darkpaw training with Graystar
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