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Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 Wolves of the Americas

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PostSubject: Wolves of the Americas   Wolves of the Americas Icon_minitimeSat Aug 03, 2013 5:22 pm

You start out as a lone gray wolf in the Kaliscitisha Wildlife Preserve in a little-known area in the Alaskan mountains. The snowy landscape includes forests, lakes, rivers, and other natural animals, plants and landscapes.

You must survive. You must live. However, there are some rules to survival, unfortunately.

1. This is an Invite Only roleplay, due to certain circumstances.
2. This is a realistic wolf roleplay. I cannot stress this enough. There are no Clans, no dialogue, just realistic wolf behavior. The only exceptions are optional phrases which will be stated later.
3. All TFC standard rules apply unless stated otherwise.
4. Please be literate. One full paragraph, at least 5 sentences or at least 4 lines.
5. I would rate this roleplay topic as PG-13. I often find that I'd like to be a bit more descriptive when it comes to fighting and hunting. But, however, do not abuse this. Please don't be a gory as you can. The only reason this rule exists is because this is a realistic wolf roleplay, not only because of the activities that occur but also because of the complexity of wolf behavior. Please note: There are not to be any descriptive mating scenes. Please "Fade" in and out. If you just Reaaaaaally want to be PG-13 descriptive, than put a spoiler and put a pre-caution.
6. This isn't really a rule, but more of a precaution. Packs in this roleplay are constructed of a birth pair and their off-spring. The pups, when reached sexual maturity, have the option to leave their pack and search for a mate to start their own or remain in their birth-pack. There are no wolves who band together as a pack, and they don't have ranks such as Leader, Beta, etc. There is the Alpha pair and their off-spring.
7. The locations of this roleplay are fake and are in no way related to real-life events and animals.

Some helpful guides that better explain wolf behavior and the such: http://www.wolfsa.org.za/content_behaviour.htm, http://westernwildlife.org/gray-wolf-outreach-project/biology-behavior-4/, http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=942, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_wolf

Wolf sign-ups:

Wolf identification: (Used for "Part of Razor and Ace's Pack," and such or for clearing up which wolf your character is looking at, etc)
Fur Description:
Dimensions: (Height, weight, etc.)
Personality: (Are they more hostile, more defensive, etc.)
Family Relations:

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PostSubject: Re: Wolves of the Americas   Wolves of the Americas Icon_minitimeSat Aug 03, 2013 5:34 pm

Wolf identification: Autumn, or since she's tagged 576
Gender: Female
Age: 27 months
Fur Description: Reddish brown with flecks of black and grey on her tail
Dimensions: Uh... Regular wolf... uh... 78 pounds??
Personality: Quite aggressive and defensive, Autumn is a loner at heart.
Family Relations:None at the moment...
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Wolves of the Americas
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