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The Four Clans


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 Warriors,human style!!

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PostSubject: Warriors,human style!!   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:00 pm

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Redwood High School! I'm your guide today,my name's Haley. I'm Vice President of the Physics club. Nice to meet you all! So,I'll take you around on a tour around campus. There are tons of clubs around here you can join. But the main ones are Track and Field,The swimming team,the Archery club,and the Arts and Crafts club. Mine's also a big group that you have the choice to join.Then you'll need to submit your applications to join in all the fun. Let's go!

The Parking Lot

A few circles of plants here and there,though they look rough and course,since they're rarely taken care of. This big cement square takes up about a quarter of an acre. There are plenty of parking spaces,usually even more than there are of students. It's on the right side of the school,located just behind it.

The Upper Lounge

Where everyone can hang out. Though,the 'cool' kids are usually fighting over the table by the window. There have been a few accidents where someone has fallen through and broken the window. Though,I suggest you don't tell anyone. There's also a snack bar in the back. There's also a tv that's always on the sports channel,no matter how much people protest for it to change. It's located on the third and top floor.

The Cafeteria

The cafeteria,where they actually serve some pretty decent food. It's lighted pretty badly,but it'd not a problem since no one usually comes here to eat. They're usually up in the lounge. Here,the food's free,only for those who had earn the 'titles'. I'll tell you about that later. Though,the rest of us have to pay. It's located on the second floor.

The Courtyard

The only place where students might actually be able to get some sun. This area is located on the left wing of the school. It's boxed in at the entrance,but it spreads out into a field,which is bordered by some trees. In the middle is where the football games take place,and where track and field practice. There are a few benches that are backed by the school building itself. It's located on the first floor,which is where all the other classrooms are as well.

The Gym

The big echoy Gym. Where Sweat drips all over the floor at Basketball games! Where elections for Student Council is held,and where P.E. sometimes takes place. There is all sorts of equipment down here you can use. Located on the second floor,adjacent to the Cafeteria.


Here,you use your Warrior characters,as your human characters. Just make use that their names are substituted,but at least have the first letter down as the same. The titles are,Einstein,Babe Ruth,Da Vinci,and last but not least,the President of student counsel. They have a few more privileges than others,and are usually chosen by the teachers. Einstein for the smartest kid on campus,Babe Ruth for the most Athletic one,Da Vinci for the most Artistic one,and the President of the student counsel,is,well,the president. The clans are separated into the clubs or teams. The swimming team is Riverclan,the Archery club is Shadowclan,Thunderclan is the Physics club,Windclan is Track and Field,and finally Sunclan is the the Arts and Crafts club.
There's also other minor clubs you can do for like dogs or those who are still loners and are slowly being accepted by the clan,whether or not if your want to choose to do that. So,now for the 'groups' in the school by the way,their mascot is *Drumroll*,the great Gray Wolf,which they named him Spike. They designed him with a purple and yellow coat,and a spiked color around his neck.


Archery - Shadowclaw
Physics - Thunderclan
Track and Field - Windclan
Arts and Crafts - Sunclan
Swimming Team - Riverclan
Choir - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
Band - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
Cheerleaders - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
Drama - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
Football team - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
Basketball team - Dogs,Loners,or Anyone
(You may make your own,but at least let it be associated with you 'clan')


Nature or animal lovers
Tom boy
Girly Girls



[b]Warrior name:[/b]








Keep it PG. Please no swearing over crap or hell. There are younger people on this site.


Haley - Hawk - Physics club
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors,human style!!   Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:50 pm

Name: Miya Fzure

Warrior name: Mink(pup)fur

Gender: Female

Age/Grade: 14 and in 9th grade.

Clan/club(s): Archery, Choir, Drama, and Band (She plays the Guitar when it's needed).

Group: Nature and Animal lover.

Appearance: Miya is a pretty country girl with black hair. She has dull, light brown, almost amber, eyes. She has a pale, beautifully-shaped face with smooth, moist skin. The only "flaw" on her face is a scar over her right eye, but she keeps in covered with her bangs. She is rather small, but she has a strong, muscular build. Often times she wears a cowboy hat.

Personality: Miya is very soft-spoken and compassionate, perfectly fitting her animal and nature loving... nature. She is very friendly, and will always help someone in need. You can put all your trust in Miya, the only living thing she tells secrets to is her pet horse.
She can become aggressive if needed, and will not hesitate to fight for her friends. Miya is very easily angered along with that. But most of the time, she's a friendly farm girl.

History: Miya was born as an only child. She never had siblings. Her mother was Faith, a hippie. Her father was Noah, a farmer. Thus, Miya was raised as an all-out animal and nature lover. But who can't love nature when you live in a beautiful river valley, surrounded by sheep, horses, chickens, and goats? And don't forget all the friendly cats that hang in the barn.
Anyways, she was raised as a farmer girl, and taught the weird ways of a hippie. She had recieved a pet dog when she was nine, a cat when she was eleven, another dog and cat when she was twelve, and when she was thirteen, a horse. Yep, Miya was a spoiled only child.
(She had a completely normal history...)

Pet(s): Boo (Australian shepherd), Fatso (Fat white and grey tabby cat), Ink (A sleek black cat with yellow and green eyes), Moo (Border collie), Storm (Warlander horse)

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PostSubject: Re: Warriors,human style!!   Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:51 pm

Accepted,but can we wait for maybe one more person before we start to rp?
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors,human style!!   Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:55 pm

That sounds good. It wouldn't be very fun with just two people anyways. XP
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors,human style!!   

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Warriors,human style!!
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