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Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 The Glowing Moon Pack

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PostSubject: The Glowing Moon Pack   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:18 am

This pack is on WolfQuest: http://www.wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=68020&p=2131897#p2131897

Welcome to The Glowing Moon Pack, stranger.

You walk tired, hungry in a black forest to try to find a safe place to stay. There's predators everywhere, looking for meat. Suddenly, you see glowing yellow eyes in front of you, and you stop, stomach still rumbling, to stare with your eyes onto the yellow. Then, a gray she-wolf appears, about 3 years old and nods her head, noting your state. The gray wolf decides to help you and she leads you to a clearing, where you can smell the mouth-watering deer meat in the middle. The wolf leads you over there and, as you begin to eat, feeling power return to you, she explains that she's Misty, leader of The Glowing Moon Pack, and says you can stay overnight, so you yip in joy. The next day, Misty pads over to you and says, "I think you're trustworthy enough for me to ask you this, do you want to join The Glowing Moon Pack?" She waits for your answer.

Do you want to join The Glowing Moon Pack?


Leader- This is the leader of the pack and decides what to do and what not to do. Remember to be respetful- she accepted you and she can chase you out.
-Misty F (MistykitTC) VA

Deputy- Fills in for Leader when not there. Makes some decisions. This rank must be earned by being helpful to everyone and staying active on the forums.
- (Open)

Elder- Has retired, and the apprentices take care of them. Only for at least 4 year old wolves.
- (Open)

Warrior- Fights in battles, and goes on some missions. Also trains apprentices.
- (Open)

Hunter- Hunts for the pack. Also trains apprentices.
- (Open)

Apprentice- Trains with their mentors and runs chores around camp.
- (Open)

Pup- They play and try to get into mischief in any way they can.
- Jennythe3 F (Not on WQ) VA
- (Open)

Loner- Has joined, but hasn't fillled out their form in 'Wolf Bios'.
- Scorzoon (Has not filled out WQ name) NA
- gwgoldonline (Has not filled out WQ name) NA
- (I hope they fill it out soon... Try not to be a loner)

Rouge- Rank to be avoided. Placed here are inactive members and 2nd offense. (See rules) If you get this rank, you are sent an email.
- Shadestar M (Has not filled out WQ name) NA
- (Hopefully no one will be in this one... Don't be an Rouge!)

Pack Friends- Our Pack Friend members.
- (Open)

Our Pack wesite: http://www.glowingmoonpack.com (Still needs some work, but you can still go on it)

EFA - Escuse For Absence
F - Female
M - Male
VA- Very Active
NA- Not Active (If not online for a week, then put as Rouge)

Our Rules:
Forum rules
The Rules:
No cursing is allowed, if I see any you will be getting a warning!
1st: Warning
2nt: Placed as Rouge
3rd: Kicked out of pack
No stealing ideas from someone unless they said you could use them.
Please use proper grammer.
Be nice, unless you're RPing and your wolf is mean or something, or I will SHOOT YOU WITH MAH LAZERZ OF AWESOMENEZ!
That was an example of bad grammer, kids.
Also, if you see a topic or fourm with an icon of i, then it is important or gives you info, so you should read it.
Be respetful to everyone, espacially the leader and deputy.

The Glowing Moon Pack Is a friendly pack, who will accept you if you prove worthy. I'm online most of the time, and I hope others will too.

For an ally with our packs:
Pack Name:
Why do you want to be an ally with us?:

Pack Friends!
Want to be a Pack Friend?:
Username (on WQ):
Why do you want to be a pack friend?:
Do you want to be in RP? We have a Pack Friend RP fourm!:

So, do you chose to keep on going, stranger? Or do you want to join The Glowing Moon Pack? It's your choice.

If you have decided to join
Username (on WQ):
Wolf name:

If you haven't, well continue on. I am a little surprised you didn't take this offer, though. The last thing you see of Misty is her gray tail, sliding back into he bushes as you continue onward, to who knows what fate.
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The Glowing Moon Pack
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