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The Four Clans


Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 The Seasonal Trackers Pack

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PostSubject: The Seasonal Trackers Pack   Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:18 pm

This is a semi-realistic pack with currently around about 25 active users, though that number is increasing by the day.
This pack is based in Denali national park, Alaska, and is made up of two clans. Summer Clan and Winter Clan. The Dominants of the pack are each in charge of one clan, (Strong of Summer Clan, and Moonshine of Winter Clan) and are helped along by four leaders, (two for Summer Clan, two for Winter Clan).


There are many ranks within the clans, though they will be explained in more detail in the websites provided, her are a list of them and what their roles are in the pack:

Dominant- The Dominants are essentially the 'Alphas' of the pack, and have the last say in everything that happens. They are the head of the council and are in charge of running/ controlling the pack and website. These are the highest ranked wolves and are to be treated with the upmost respect.
Leaders- These are like the second in command, and help with the up-keep of the site and pack. They are representatives of their clans, and are the second highest ranked wolves in the pack. They are members of the council, and have a say about what happens in the pack.
Agents- These are the wolves that have required the correct amount of skill points in a particular skill set, and have been in trusted to this rank by the leaders and Dominants. They are like a mini leader of the rank they have become Agents for, but cannot order others around. They are also members of the council.

Protectors- It is these wolves duty to protect the pack, and are the most agile.
Lifesavers- Lifesavers are skilled in the aspects of healing, and are in charge of curing those with illnesses and wounds etc.
Hunters- As the name suggests, these are the hunters of the pack, and insure that no one goes hungry. They are also the fastest wolves in the pack.
Fighters- These are the strongest wolves in the pack, and work together to fend off any type of attacker, from a mighty bear, to a stubborn stranger trying to infiltrate their land.
Amateurs- Amateurs are normal members of the pack who are working towards earning a higher rank in the pack.

Heir pups- These are the pups of the Dominants
Pups- These are usually the pups of Leaders
Lost pups- These are the pups that start of in the pack as a pup, but are born outside of the pack

Omegas- These wolves are not quite part of the pack yet, but are ready to do the ritual to become a full member
Loners- Loners are wolves looking to join the pack and have not yet met the requirements to do so
Strangers- They are the wolves that are not part of the pack, and are not looking to join at the moment either



➊► Respect each other in the pack, follow all WQ rules, the following ones and the rules of the forum for RP. In short, be mature and nice.
➋► No wings, powers or anything on the game or in RPing. We would like to be as realistic as possible.
➌► You going to start as a Visitor of the pack, depending on your goals you should be in the specialty of Loner or Stranger (More Info in the description of the Visitor rank).
➍► You must be patient, you'll become a Full Member (part of one of the clans) when you reach 10% in Dominant's trust , become an Omega and you have been done the Ritual to Join.
➎► Once you are in a clan (Full Member) you must start as Amateurs. You may not have another rank until you acquire the demanded skills for the rank that you request. (You may increase the skills on the RP forum of the website, in the Training Areas, etc.) or in some cases you can earn higher ranks if you do something really good to earn it. Please, do not ask the Dominants to give you a rank, they will not do it. They may lower you down a rank or two instead.
➏► It is advisable not be in more than five extra packs, that could affect your activity on STP, making you in danger of being easily kicked out of the pack for Inactivity.
➐► If you've been kicked, you may only rejoin the pack twice ,so make sure you'll be active! If you're kicked out a second time, the Dominants will deny any requests to join the pack. Also, you can leave by your own decision 4 times, if you excel it..then you will not be able to re-join anymore.
➑► You only can change character if you have used it during two months or more. Or if you are a new member who joined the pack and has requested it before two weeks of your joining. To ensure that you have read all the rules, in the question of the joining form is the "Secret Answer". You must respond: The Seasonal Trackers are far in the north. (If you don't, then the Dominants will ignore your request).
➒► Your wolf profile won't be included in the website until you meet one of the Dominant's and do the Ceremony or ritual to join in the "Mount Mckinley" of the "Trail of Trackers" and reach 40%. in Dominants Trust.
➓► THE GOLDEN RULE: Enjoy and have fun!!


➊► Be active and post at least once a week. If you don't post within three weeks of your last post, it'll be taken as abandoning the pack and you'll be removed from the it.
➋► If you want to return, you would have to go back and put the request to be a member and hope to be accepted.
➌► If you're going to be inactive for a certain amount of time for some reason, please tell us it on here:http://seasonal-trackers.forum-free.org/t856-excused-for-absence-efa
➍► If you were inactive during 10 days and did not tell us with your reasons why (EFA), we will give your wolf name the Warning key. You are warned!
➎► You can only change the age of your wolf in the RP when it passes a year depending on the season in which you joined. That is to say, if you joined when it was summer in the RP, then the next summer you will be allowed (if you want) to add a year more to your wolf! (The pups become yearlings when one year passes).
➏► If you have any idea's for the pack, contests or anything else do not send a pm to the Dominants or Leaders. Just post it on the forums that exist for that type of stuff.
➐► Continue Having TONS OF FUN!

It may seem like a lot, but it's really just the basics that you would usually have to read anyway :3 here are some links to the website, WQ thread topic and a Youtube video that will help to describe the clans a bit better.

WQ thread topic -> http://wolfquest.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=46882
Youtube introduction-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq7NkntZZ_I
Pack Forums-> http://www.seasonal-trackers.com/forum
Pack Website -> http://the-seasonal-trackers-pack.weebly.com/

I hope this has sparked your interest and i look forward to seeing you guys embark on the journey to become a member of this pack too one day! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Seasonal Trackers Pack   Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:50 pm

I already like joined that site just waiting for them to accept me Smile
It was like couple of months ago i saw their site
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The Seasonal Trackers Pack
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