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The Four Clans

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Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 WolfQuest Threads

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PostSubject: WolfQuest Threads   WolfQuest Threads Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 4:34 pm

We've had multiple thread color changes, so here are the old ones which can be changed back to the original when a change in scenery is wanted c:

By SolitaryPride:
Quote :
Welcome. The Four Clans Pack has a long history, which began on June 7th, 2010. There had been many Warriors-based packs previously, but The Four Clans was special. We combined all four Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan, into one pack. It was hugely successful with many members and a very active website and role-play forum. With over 7,617 posts and 26,926 views on the original thread, The Four Clans was definitely a sight to behold. The pack was originally made by Adalae, and then passed down to multiple other users as time went on. Eventually it was decided that it was time to allow the pack a break and to let the members move on to greater things. Now we have decided it is time for it to return, greater and more organized than ever. And so, we present to you, The Four Clans Pack.

"Are you ready to pick your Clan and choose how your destiny will unfold? Well, get ready to enter the world of The Four Clans. Step lightly, each Clan is very protective of their boundaries...."

Pack Website: http://thefourclanswq.forumotion.com/

The Warrior Code>
RESPECT: You must honor all those around you, even if they are from different Clans. We will not stand for any disrespect in this pack.
RULES: Respect all WolfQuest Forum Rules and Guidelines, as well as any unique "laws" posted by The Four Clans pack. This includes no double posting as well as no basic conversations such as "Hey, what's up?". We will have a chatbox for that!
LANGUAGE: No vulgar language is allowed anywhere on this topic. Additionally, please refrain from using too much chatspeak. Basic chatspeak such as 'lol' 'rofl' 'brb', etc. are allowed. Friendly competition between Clans is allowed, but please take it no further than that.
ACTIVITY: It is asked that you remain as active as possible in our pack. We do not have any law of exactly how many times you must post in order to remain in the pack, however we may contact you if you become too inactive. If you are going on vacation or have big real-life events coming up, we ask that you request an EFA on this topic or the website.
WEBSITE: Please have the ability to join our website, it is where most of the activity and events will take place. This is a requirement in joining the pack.
MORE INFORMATION/SPECIFICS: More info about the pack and rules concerning role-play or simply more specifics about the basic rules, second characters and leader/moderator abilities can be found on our website.


Dogs: Not a true member of the Clans, these members are Pack Friends who are interested in looking around. They can view the website and post in limited role-play, however can't participate in pack-only events and contests.

Rogue: A former Clan member who has been removed because of extreme inactivity and has not responded to Clan leader messages. When demoted to this rank, members lose all privileges, such as role-playing with the Clans and being able to participate in events or contests. If members become active again, they shall be promoted once more to their previous rank.

Loner: A new, pending member who doesn't quite meet all the requirements. Once they meet said requirements, they will be promoted to Pup. These members have limited privileges, and can post on the website, but not role-play or take part in certain contests.

Pup: The smallest, youngest wolves in the pack. Everyone starts out as a pup and can quickly be promoted to the next rank, Apprentice. Pups are known for their mischievous nature and ability to get in places they shouldn't. When becoming an Apprentice, Pups partake in a special ritual.

Apprentices: Wolves who have mentors and are learning the ways of the Warrior Code. If they hunt, they must feed the elders first. They are always supposed to be obedient to their mentors and obey the Warrior Code. As an apprentice, you will be assigned a mentor depending on which rank is available and you are interested in. When becoming warriors or medicine wolves, apprentices partake in a special ritual. When becoming an Apprentice for the first time, they also go to the MoonStone and share dreams with StarClan.

Warriors: Full members of The Four Clans who have proved their worthiness. They can go on patrols, fight, and potentially become a Deputy. Additionally they can have Apprentices, whom they teach.

Queens [size=50](female wolves only)[/size]: She-wolves expecting or nursing pups.They are not allowed to have pups with another Clan's wolf and usually stay inside a nursery or camp with their pups. When the pups are weaned and are apprentices, the queen is free to return to her Warrior duties.

Medicine Wolves: The wolves closest to StarClan, whom are our ancestors. They receive prophesies at times that mean different things, good or bad. When appointed to become a Medicine Wolf, they go to the Moonstone and share dreams with StarClan. These wolves take care of the pack with their life and are forbidden to have pups. Medicine Wolves have knowledge of different plants for different ailments. A Medicine Wolf takes on one, singular apprentice, who then trains to become a Medicine Wolf. After training, the apprentice will become a medicine wolf when the time is right. There is only one Medicine Wolf and his/her apprentice per Clan.

Deputy: The Deputy of the Clan is a high honor. Only one wolf is chosen at a time. There is a large gap between appointing one deputy and appointing the next. This wolf is the second-in-command of their Clan and has moderator powers on the website. When you are appointed deputy, it is a sign that the leader truly respects you and that you may soon lead the Clan yourself.

Elders: the Pack Council of each Clan. They are wise and know the ways of the world, but are occasionally cranky and short-fused! They are the oldest members of the pack who have retired from their Warrior or Medicine Wolf duties.

Clan Leader: The Clan Leader is the leader of their pack. They accept members, punish rulebreakers, and are Administrators on the website. They are the overseers of the pack and help decide promotions as well as organizing contests and other events. Never be afraid to approach this wolf, as they are there to help out their members.

= RiverClan
= WindClan
= ShadowClan
= ThunderClan
[size=50]The above symbols are point trackers which track how active you are. The more you have, the more likely you are to be promoted to a higher rank or have higher abilities. You get one of these for being active on the website and this thread.[/size]
EFA = Excused for Absence
= Warning
[size=50]Get three and you are banned from the pack for good. All Warnings expire at the beginning of the next January, regardless of when they were received.[/size]
UotM = User of the Month
= Female
= Male

[THUNDERCLAN] Applications: OPEN/Accepting Warriors
ThunderClan wolves are loyal and brave, but are not afraid of breaking rules in the name of what they think is justice. ThunderClan territory is a dense woodland where prey is abundant. You can expect to find prey such as birds and squirrels.
Clan Colors: ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆
Current Member Count (M/F/Total): 1/3/4

Pack Leader Swiftstar (SolitaryPride)

Medicine Wolf - Darkpelt (mmpppgreenpearl3) = 0/15 EFA
Medicine Wolf Apprentice - Aurapaw (Fawn1997) = 0/15 EFA

Warriors -
Goldfire (Golden_Mist) = 0/15

Queens -

Apprentices -

Pups -

Elders -

[RIVERCLAN] Applications: OPEN/Accepting Pups
These wolves are fast, sleek-furred, loyal, and clever. They are excellent swimmers and have to be to live in their territory. They live in a plain with long, acquatic plants bordering a flowing river. Prey includes fish, water voles, and other aquatic life.
Clan Colors: ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆
Current Member Count (M/F/Total): 1/6/7

Pack LeaderLilystar (Kimchiz)
Deputy -

Medicine Wolf - Foxheart (EternalIce) = 3/15
Medicine Wolf Apprentice -

Warriors -
Icefire (Nikoi Gryphon) = 0/15
Jaymist (JayMist) = 0/15
Riversong (Bella1998) = 2/15
Greyheart (Mooncloud) = 3/15

Queens -

Apprentices -

Pups -
Otterpup (-Kiran-) = 0/15

Elders -

[SHADOWCLAN] Applications: OPEN/Accepting Warriors
Ferocious and secretive wolves reside in this pack, who don't take kindly to strangers. They wish to be remembered for great deeds and it is said that the cold breeze flowing over their territory chills their hearts. They live in a shadowy marshland with stunted trees and bushes. The ground is always muddy underpaw, a perfect environment for lizards, frogs and snakes.
Clan Colors: ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆
Current Member Count (M/F/Total): 1/2/3

Pack Leader Shadestar ( Adalae)
Deputy -

Medicine Wolf -
Medicine Wolf Apprentice -

Warriors -
Nightfeather (HiddenPhoenix) = 4/15
Darkfeather (Dark Hawk) = 5/15

Queens -

Apprentices -

Pups -

Elders -

[WINDCLAN] Applications: OPEN/Accepting Pups
WindClan cats are wise, cautious, and extremely protective of their Clan. They depend on speed to catch their prey and are fast and agile. The open, gently rolling hills of WindClan territory are always blowing with strong winds. Rabbits and other moorland animals are abundant here.
Clan Colors: ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆
Current Member Count (M/F/Total): 3/3/6

Pack Leader To Be Determined
Deputy -

Medicine Wolf -
Medicine Wolf Apprentice -

Warriors -
Stonewhisper (Ninja_Wolfs963) = 3/15
Owlfrost (Arisah) = 2/15
Skydust (Garion1) = 2/15
Loyalspirit (Sparkle_Wolf) = 0/15
Breezeflight (Breezeflight) = 0/15

Queens -

Apprentices -

Pups -
Rosepup (Patrone) = 0/15

Elders -

[HOUSE-DOGS] Applications: Open
These are the Pack Friends of the Clans who aren't sure if they actually want to join yet. They visit the pack every once and a while and can role-play with us.

[LONERS] Applications: Open
Those who do not meet the full requirements of joining but are still interested in doing so.

- Joining Process and Application.
When you join the Clans you will start off as a Pup. If you are active and participate in contests and other events, as well as suggesting ideas, you will be promoted to Apprentice and get a Mentor. When your Mentor decides you have learned all you could, you take a test depending on which rank you have chosen. if you pass, you will be promoted to your full rank.

- Requirements to Join
You must not have an official warning from Cana in the past six months.
Be able to keep up with the pack and be active as you can.
You must have basic English grammar, punctuation, and capitalization skills.
Have the ability to join the website.
Please read through the entire first post so you don't miss anything important.

- Application to Join the Clans

Wolf Name:
Wolf Gender:
Wolf Description:
Wolf Personality:
Clan you wish to join:
Do you meet the requirements? (if not, you may still be accepted as a loner):
Do you promise to follow the warrior code?:
What caught your eye about TFC?:
Can you join the website?:
Activeness on the WQ Forums (from 1 to 10):
Anything else?:

- Application to become a 'Dog' (Pack Friend Rank)

Wolf Name:
Wolf Gender:
Can you join the website?:
What caught your eye about TFC?:
Would you be interested in participating in TFC events and role-play?:

- Thank you to all past and future leaders and members of the pack. Your ideas help us grow!
- In the making of the first post we have referred back to the original Four Clans post.
- Thank you to the Erin Hunters who created the Warrior series and therefore the theme of the pack.
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