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The Four Clans


Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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PostSubject: Plot/Lore   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:30 pm

Any current plots can be viewed under the "RP Updates" forum, but a summary of what has occurred will be written here as well.

R E C E N T  P A S T 

The WindClan Leader, Stonestar, and his Medicine Wolf, Skydust, made their way to the Moonstone and shared dreams with StarClan. Stonestar received his nine lives, however received a terrible omen including an earthquake and field of blood and wolf bodies. Skydust received a dream from StarClan of a fire. Soon they awoke and made it back to WindClan safely, though still don't exactly understand the dreams they had. Dark clouds arrived before they left, promising a great storm. Soon after the storm broke and flooding and other events occurred, though the WindClan leader and Medicine Wolf were not affected and made it home. The leaders and Clans quickly recovered, however, and made their way into the Fourtrees. There the leaders addressed all Clans members, and Shadestar, the leader of ShadowClan, was the first to fall to the ground and fall "asleep". Everyone else did soon after. Then, one by one, everyone awoke to the forest burned to the ground. However, the Fourtrees (and wolves sleeping there) were untouched. The ShadowClan leader commented that something didn't fit right and to "check for any inaccuracies". Shadestar had been acting strangely since he awoke- cold even to his own Clan- and jumped into the gorge to his 'death' soon after. The Clan soon realized what was going on, and jumped into the gorge, realizing it was all a dream and they had to die to wake up. Eventually all went back to the Clans, still thinking about the events that had transpired.

Everything seemed to be going well for the Clans as leaf-bare began. Then, tensions started between ThunderClan and ShadowClan when one of the ShadowClan pups killed a ThunderClan one when it snuck into ShadowClan camp. A war almost started. These pups, as well as multiple wolves in other Clans, decided to join together under Direblood, a WindClan Warrior, to create a new Clan for those who were not 'accepted' by their own. This caused outrage in the forest and culminated in two ShadowClan pups leaving their Clan before being made apprentices. At the gathering, Direblood officially announced this new Clan and asked for all interested to follow him to their new lands. Shadestar took this chance to jump on top of the rock to announce the combination of RiverClan and ShadowClan into one: StormClan, for the good of both. This did not help the tensions in the forest.

A few moons later at a gathering, Lightdawn, who had mysteriously disappeared before the Clans had combined, returned to address the Clans, telling of a "great danger". Before she could, an unknown figure ran down the slope, murdered her by ripping out her throat, and then sprinted off. Shadestar, as Lightdawn is his sister, was devestated and could not be consoled. Before she died, she told Shadestar that all of them were just "pawns in StarClan's games". Owlbreeze, StormClan Medicine Wolf, saw a shooting star in the sky. He said it foretold the falling of all the Clans. After tending to Lightdawn all he could, he raced towards the Highstones to communicate with StarClan. However, StarClan did not answer. The Clans were alone to face this evil.

W I L L  Y O U   L I  V E  T O  T E L L  Y O U R  T A L E ?

F O U R   C L A N S   L O R E

Long ago, when the paws of our ancestors reached this land, there were three Clans - DireClan, FoxClan, and CoyClan. DireClan wolves were known for their strength, and wolves of both FoxClan and CoyClan were known for their intelligence and cunning nature. It is hard to say where these Clans lived, however most agree that CoyClan populated what is now WindClan territory, FoxClan in what eventually became ShadowClan territory, and DireClan taking up the rest - that is, ThunderClan and RiverClan territory.

The three Clans lived in peace for a time, however tensions soon arose. Despite owning half of the forest, Whitestar, the leader of DireClan, desired even more territory. Fierce attacks were launched against the other two Clans, who were hardly able to fend off the merciless DireClan warriors. In a moment of desperation, CoyClan sent a young apprentice named Crystalpaw to FoxClan, hoping that the other Clan could save CoyClan from the destruction looming over them. Crystalpaw quickly snuck away from the battle and raced across the moors to FoxClan territory. The journey seemed impossible, but thankfully, as the apprentice crossed over to FoxClan territory, she met a border patrol and was able to deliver news of the fate that would befall CoyClan if they were not saved.

Accompanied by FoxClan warriors, Crystalpaw hurried back to CoyClan, praying that they weren't too late. The journey back was harder than the young apprentice had anticipated - the FoxClan warriors were slower than Crystalpaw, which was not helped by the unfamiliar terrain they now faced. However, they still arrived at the CoyClan camp in time, and eventually the DireClan warriors were forced back towards their own territory. With the battle barely won, the two Clans realized that there was no hope in defeating DireClan for good unless they fought together, and an alliance was formed. The day after the battle, Crystalpaw, even though she had not yet completed her training, was made a warrior and given the name Crystalshadow, as she slipped away from the battle and to FoxClan territory like a shadow.

After that fateful battle, nothing was heard from DireClan for moons. CoyClan took this oppurtunity to rebuild and train, while FoxClan worked on expanding their camp and building up their defenses. The two Clans frequently met at the FoxClan camp to plot their next battle with DireClan, and discuss possible reasons for DireClan's absence. Eventually, FoxClan decided to send a spy out to DireClan territory to discover why they had suddenly disappeared. The spy, a warrior named Ashwind, remained in DireClan territory for three days before returning to his own territory, where he announced that disease had severely weakened the other Clan. Following Ashwind's announcement, the unanimous decision to attack DireClan was made.

The following morning, all CoyClan and FoxClan wolves who were able to fight moved toward the DireClan camp. The attack took DireClan by surprise, and, thanks to the disease that had weakened them and the number of attacking wolves, the once fearsome Clan was easily defeated and banished from the forest. The territory was split in half, with CoyClan now owning what is now WindClan and RiverClan territory and FoxClan owning what eventually became ShadowClan and ThunderClan territory.

Peace once again ruled the land, however, again, the peace did not last long. Early one morning, the FoxClan deputy, named Tawnywing, snuck into the CoyClan camp and assassinated the CoyClan leader, Heatherstar, and her deputy Silverfoot. Unfortunately for Tawnywing, Crystalshadow caught the FoxClan deputy by surprise as he was sneaking away, and Tawnywing was killed. The warriors of CoyClan later declared Crystalshadow leader, who then declared war on FoxClan. Many fierce battles were fought, and he number of deaths on each side was overwhelming, and eventually only a small amount of wolves from each side remained, and many of those survivors left the forest and never returned.

Eventually, more wolves arrived in the forest, and the wolves who arrived after the war are our ancestors. Fierce territory battles were held, and thankfully these disputes were solved at the first Gathering, where the first leaders of ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan stepped forward to claim the lands best suited for their Clans, and agreed that Gatherings would be held at every full moon. Mothermouth was later discovered by a wolf named Moonwing, who was banished from WindClan for almost dying while following a feather. StarClan later made contact with Moonwing as she touched her nose to the Moonstone, and she was then welcomed back into WindClan, and the decision to have one medicine wolf for each Clan was made. Additionally, the Warrior Code was established, and that is when the history of the four Clans we know now truly began.

The above was a contest entry by Nightfeather called the "Legendary History Contest". It was the first place winner.

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