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The Four Clans


Greenleaf, prey is once more plentiful. The forests and Moors are filled with tasty nibbles of prey while the river is almost choked with fish.
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 Second Characters

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PostSubject: Second Characters   Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:30 am

Shadestar, Thistlepaw, Riverpup, Morningsun
Feathersoul, Emberfeather, Lucy, Creekfire, Adderfang
Hawkpool, Barkstripe, Fernshade, Moonshadow, Reddust, Sophie, Grizzlypup, Weed, Batwing, Ravenclaw, Stick, Shadowclaw, Sunblaze
Graystar, Rainheart, Stoatblaze, Barkclaw, Rockybolt, Twistedfoot, Pinedusk, Tourmaline, Thrushheart, Cloudwhisp, Icepaw, Leopardpaw, Ferretdash
Skyfeather, Stormtussle, Fawnlight, Nightpup, Spangledstar, Pepperfleck
Tallfeather, Rosepaw, Raggedfur, Rowanpaw, Raccoontail, Roselynn
Goldenrod, Dewstorm, Thunderpaw
Slyshadow, Eagleflight, Ghostpaw, Roguepup
Snowstar, Ebonyfur, Nightshade, Angelfeather, Graywind, Rippleblossom
Apachewind, Caprina
Achakpaw, Twilightpup
Jadefeather, Scarletsoul, Whitepup
Fangclaw, Tealpaw
Thunderstrike, Bane, Blacklily, Willowmist, Leafpaw, Falconwing, Origamiheart, Duke
Okamiamaterasu, Tigerfern, Hurricanefang, Aurafrost, Aurorapaw, Redpaw, Lunde, Jaime, Nightowl, Crystalheart, Toadpaw, Ripplestone, Ottersky, Lavaplume, Brambleberry, Applepup, Cougarpaw, Nightingale, Storm, Wolverineclaw
Dolphinpaw, Owlflight, Gentlestar
Dawnwish, Whisperpup, Eclipse, Midnight
Mosspaw, Stormchaser, Crookedjaw, Blazestorm, Brewingpup, Pinecone, Cottenball, Aprilpaw
Swiftstorm, Streampup
Snowstorm, Blackjack, Darkclaw, Tornadopaw
Lunalight, Bluepaw
Amberleaf, Phoenixpaw
Echochime, Lightpaw, Silverpaw, Autumn, Fawnfleck, Posionivy
Silktuft, Bluespirit
Whitestorm, Nighsky
Flip, Flick, Firepaw
Duskpaw, Whitepup
Magmafeather, Seapup

If your characters are not on this list please post below and we will add them! Thank you!

(Also thanks to Achakpup for compiling the original list!)
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Second Characters
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